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Dance New England Summer Camp 2012

This August, experience Dance New England Dance Camp for eleven wondrous days, where together we build an alternative world to nourish our creative spirit. There is of course dance: African, ballroom, contact improvisation, and salsa (teen favorite). Dance with snakes, humans, and your glorious self. Dance to live music. Dance all night to excellent Djs. Sweat prayers, breathe transformationally, beat drums, learn multiple styles of yoga and massage from master teachers. Or find a peaceful spot at the beach from which to contemplate mountains and sunset. Eat, converse, sing, schmooze. Dance Camp is ours to co-create. Join us!

Where: Camp Robin Hood, Freedom, New Hampshire Get Map & Directions
When: Friday Evening, August 10th to Tuesday, August 21st

Attention! There is now a waitlist for the any option that includes the first four days. This means registrations for the First Weekend, First Four Days, and All 11 days will automatically be waitlisted. What's a wait list?

August 2012
Arrive after 5 p.m. Friday; depart by 6 p.m. Sunday
First 4 days
Arrive after 5 p.m. Friday; depart by 6 p.m. Tuesday

Last 7 days
Arrive after 5 p.m. Tuesday - end of camp, Tuesday
Full 11 days
Arrive after 5 p.m. Friday - end of camp, Tuesday


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Featuring classes in . . . Contact Improvisation, African Dance and Drum, Yoga, Partner Dancing, Music, Healing Arts, and much more!

Dance New England, Inc. (DNE) is a not-for-profit, volunteer-run, creative collective of people who love to dance, as well as a consortium of cooperatively run, freestyle, barefoot dances. DNE hosts the annual Summer Camp and other events throughout the year. Volunteerism is our primary resource: our members contribute thousands of people-hours to co-create Camp and make it the treasure that it is: more than just a vacation, it's a community in which you are invited to participate in any way you can. We just could not do it without each other. The saying, "many hands make light work" only covers the work aspect. What it doesn't say is how much more satisfying and fun it is to work together for a common goal, and how this work also helps make Camp affordable and available to a diverse community of fantastic folks.

Become a Volunteer of DNE -- look here.


Our 33rd Dance New England Summer Camp!

This is our 33rd camp and 4th at Robin Hood. We eagerly look forward to creating new traditions and renewing old traditions – spontaneous waltzing in the Dining Hall; kids with painted faces laughing and running across the field; new friends stretching together in the sun; sun salutations on the dock in early morning; an animated discussion at a picnic table long after lunch. There will be classes in movement and much more, hot DJ'd barefoot boogies every night, impromptu jams, and live music dancing, festivals and family fun, swimming, canoeing, and moments of serenity among the pines. We are a loving, changing, thinking, dancing, welcoming community. We share our joys, and we share the work. Come join in; come back and dance again.

We emphasize:
  • efforts that co-create community and community events
  • respect for the differences among individuals and cultures
  • empowerment of children, elders, and all community members
  • acknowledgement that our bodies and environment are sacred
  • a drug free and alcohol free environment
  • non-violence and creative conflict resolution
  • safety to express ourselves
  • acknowledgement of the contributions we each make to our community
**First Boogie on Friday, August 10 at 9pm!**

  Opening Circle and Orientation Saturday, August 11  

Classes Begin Saturday afternoon, August 11

Closing Circle - Tuesday afternoon, August 21

Community Meeting, Tuesday, August 14th 1:00pm to 5:00pm - Community members attending the last 7 days, can show up early for the meeting. If you are not coming to camp and you are a member, you may attend just the meeting without charge. There is also an option for members to to stay for 24 hours and pay a day rate; contact the registrar, Samantha Armer (, for details.

Continue to Registration and Fees Page.

Accommodations - Cabin space is limited, and fills up on a first-come, first-served basis, and not guaranteed. If you have Accessibility & Inclusions needs, please contact the Accessibility & Inclusions committee. You may choose to stay in a cabin (double cabins, 10-15 beds each side), but it is wisest to also bring your own tent, even if you prefer cabin camping. There is one cabin designated specifically for families and those who love them. Camping space is available in the fields and woods. Please heed the signs designating tenting areas.

Chores- All campers are required to help with meals or general camp care. You will select your chore shifts when you arrive at camp. Chores are a great way to connect; some campers have rated chores as one of their best camp experiences. (Please note that chores are the minimum work requirement for campers and don't count toward Membership and Volunteer hours pledged.)

Food - Our delicious, vegetarian meals and snacks are provided: non-dairy, non-wheat and simple vegan options are available at each meal. If you have one of these restrictions, you should indicate it on your registration form. We understand that there are folks with other dietary restrictions; however because we are cooking for over 500 people, we can only accommodate the most common restrictions.

If you have other dietary needs such as: anti-candida; no nightshades; no garlic/onions; no soy; Zone; gluten-free or high protein, you will need to bring your own provisions. These might include your own salad dressing, canned fish, packaged meats, etc. There is a separate refrigerator in the dining hall for your personal perishables (space is limited).

Waterfront - We enjoy a beautiful lake with a large dock for swimming, boating, and loads of fun. Fully supported by Certified Lifeguard Staff for your safety. There will be no lifeguard training this year- certified lifeguards looking for work at the waterfront should contact the waterfront coordinator, Joe Radziszewski, at

Broad Bay of Lake Ossippee, a public lake, is our gorgeous swimming and boating and sunning and playing pleasure destination this year.

Work Exchange/Financial Aid/Scholarships - Work exchange is available at $12.05/hour; positions are available in the Kitchen (there are many hours here), Waterfront, Parking, Accessibility & Inclusions; limited hours are available in the Young People' Program, and Chores. You must fill out this section and pay your full camp fee prior to camp. You will be reimbursed no later than October 1st. Work exchange and financial aid are not guaranteed. You may request financial aid equal to the value of your work exchange; these monies are available based on financial hardship. Apply early; availability is limited. 18-25 year-olds and DNE elders are encouraged to apply. For details and award verification, please contact Samantha Armer (

DNE Free U (formerly Community Offerings) wants you! This year we have five class times on the schedule for people to explore sharing their skills and experiences to the community. These community offering times allow us to deepen our sense of community by softening the edges between roles of teacher and learner, leader and follower, and to expand our appreciation of who we are collectively and individually.

We are an assortment of phenomenally talented, accomplished, and creative folks. Share your inner wealth!! Propose something silly, something substantial and serious, something serendipitous! Try out teaching that special something you know. If you do something in your life that you would like to share with your community—a hobby, spiritual practice, vocation, a passion, please share it! If you have thought of teaching something but haven't wanted to 'formally' teach this is your chance! (Or if you're wonderful class just didn't fit into this year's teacher's schedule and you still would like to offer it to the community.) Or if you are someone who sees the need in the moment for a certain kind of activity to bring us together these times are dedicated for just such spontaneous leadership.

These community offerings will be ad hoc, find spaces as they come up, and will enliven camp life with serendipity. Because of the nature of these offerings they will not be in the O Book or the pre-printed schedule but will be posted during camp as they are offered. If you are interested in being on the committee for this delightful community sharing, please contact Margaret, at

Art! We have a dedicated ArtSpace! Impromptu classes, drop-in, hang, play. A welcoming, creative space, that seeks to allow the human heart a place to express in other media, without judgment of "talent" or product.

We welcome donations. Really, we could use a whole lot! Please contact the Art Space Committee ( for any questions.

Young People's Program (YPP) - Full day activities are offered when most adult classes are in session. Each age group (0-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12) is staffed by qualified and creative instructors. Young people engage in community-building activities, games, sports, arts/crafts, dance, drama, swimming and more. For instructions on registering for YPP, click HERE.

The Teen Program is meant to enhance the experience of 13-17 year olds at camp, and participation is totally voluntary. The teen program includes a cabin that teens can enjoy during the daytime. There are also activities and workshops scheduled especially for teens that are based on teen feedback. Most feedback will be collected prior to camp, but there will also be opportunities to implement teen-driven ideas on site such as entrepreneurship, mentorship, workshops, dances, and collaborative projects. The Teen Program Coordinator (TPC) creates the foundation of the program based on teen and parent input. On site, the TPC serves an additional adult resource and ally for teens at camp. Teens are invited to approach the TPC with ideas, issues, or needs that they would like assistance with, so that camp will be as enjoyable and rewarding as possible. If you are interested in being part of a trans-clique, multi-age Teen Program Committee at camp or have any questions about the Teen Program, please contact For instructions on registering for the TEEN Program, click HERE.

Camp Store and Fee for Service - We have a great cooperatively-run camp store where you can sell your crafts and products at camp. A 10% tithe to DNE is required, as is filling hours working in the store.

A 10% tithe to DNE also is required for Healing Arts such as a bodywork, and other services.

People interested in finding out how to sell in the store, please contact Those who wish to offer unlessservices such as massage, body art, counseling, and other services, please contact

Note: You must be a DNE member to sell goods in the store or offer services for a fee.

Affinity Groups / Kinship Circles / Connection Circles (formerly Family Groups) - Affinity Groups are small groups that meet for an hour each evening to share common interests and to provide a smaller community of support within the larger camp experience. There will be time during camp orientation to create and sign up for these groups. Some examples of affinity groups include Co-Counseling, Contact & Meditation, Women Only, Men Only, Singing, Gay/Lesbian/Bi, Parents & Small Children, Pan-fidelity / Alternative Relationships.

Accessibility & Inclusions - Do you have special needs (i.e., significant physical or cognitive disabilities, debilitating medical conditions) and need assistance determining if your needs can be accommodated at camp? The Accessibility & Inclusions committee can provide some support and accommodations but potential campers who have special needs should contact the Accessibility & Inclusions Committee prior to camp to discuss whether coming to camp is a viable option.

While Camp Robin Hood is a flatter terrain than our previous home, it is still not fully handicap accessible. We do our best, and continue to strive to make Dance Camp a place where as many can come as possible.

Leadership Council - The Leadership Council (LC) is an elected governing board of directors of Dance New England. Elections for open positions are held once a year. In order to be eligible for the LC, one needs to have been a Rep, CCG member, Elder or have significant DNE or DNE Camp organizational experience. LC terms are 3 years. If you would like to be a candidate for the LC, please answer the following questions on a separate paper, and include it with your camp registration or send it to:

  1. Name, Address, Phone, Email
  2. History of DNE volunteer/work experience.
  3. Member dance you are affiliated with and your leadership experience.
  4. Which work areas specifically interest you?
  5. Why do you want to be on the LC?

Include it with your camp registration or send it to Nancy Farber, 7 Lilac Lane, Amherst MA 01002-1102. For more information contact the LC at

Want to make future dance camps happen? Consider joining the Camp Coordinating Group (CCG). For more information, contact the CCG at You can check out descriptions of this and other volunteer opportunities at

Mailing List: This year like last year, we mailed a colorful oversized postard, to use less paper and cost. Again watch your mailbox for a postcard instead of the Flyer! To be added to our mailing list for our yearly mailing, send your name and address to the Registrar (

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