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Dance New England Rep Rotation

(see current leadership (LC & CCG) Rotation)

Years in blue have been confirmed by annual reports filed with the Massachusetts Secretary of State Corporations Division
Years in red have been confirmed by Summer Camp Flyers
Years in green have been confirmed by Weekend Flyers

1980 APF 1981 APF 1982 APF 1983 APF 1984 APF 1985 F&W 1986 F&W 1987 Lenox 1988 Omni 1989 Omni
Jimi 2 Jimi 2 Jimi 2 Judy C Ben Silver Albert C Albert C Marcia L Lisa G Lisa G
Paul F Paul F Paul F Neil C Bob L Bob L Steve B Steve B Steve R Steve R
  Margaret F Margaret F Neely W Steve R Steve R Lisa K Lisa K Dick M Lauren S
  Bill M Bill M Bob LeRoy Rafael R Rafael R Robbie L Robbie L Robbie L Beth G
  Jonathan S Jonathan S Alida E Alida E Alida E Ben S   Rebecca D Rebecca D
      Lynn J David W David W Jonathan S Jonathan S Kevin G Kevin G
      Paul S   Christina T Christina T Bud P Leslie S Maureen L
            Jim C Samantha A Samantha A  
            Joann L Joann L Peter R Peter R
      Jimi 2 Jimi 2 Jimi 2 Jimi 2 Jimi 2 Andrea K  
        Holly H Holly H Julie E  

1990 Maine Teen
1991 Omni
1992 Omni
1993 Omni
1994 Omni
1995 Omni
1996 Omni

1997 Mat

1998 Mat
Lauren S Carolyn Falk Carolyn Falk Robin W Robin W Candy M Candy M Doug B Doug B
Barbara S Barbara S Diana C-B Diana C-B Felix B Diane J Denise S Denise S Dan G
Beth G Beth G Gary E Gary E Polly P Jim C Jim C Emmy R Emmy R
Tom J Debbie S Debbie S Chandelle H Chandelle H Wes B Wes B Wes B Mieke G
George M George M Mieke G Mieke G Steve R Steve R Kevin B Maya A Maya A
Anita O Margaret F Margaret F Peter R Peter R Anne M Anne M Peter R Peter R
Maureen L Mo-Ching Y Scott G Scott G Greta B Greta B Linda L Linda L Kevin O
    C.T. B C.T. B Paul F Paul F Peggy N Len H Len H
    Myra R Myra R Michael-David G Michael-David G      
  Rachael E Rachael E Sandy K Sandy K        
    Michael H   Dena G        
Camp Location Dates
Greenville, NH
1980 - 1984
Plymouth, VT
1985 - 1986
Lenox, MA
Poland Springs, ME
Porter, ME
Poland Springs, ME
Naples, ME
Poland Springs, ME
Poland Springs, ME
Freedom, NH

* Samantha Smith Worldpeace Camp became Omni Camp in fall of 1989 which in turned became North Star in 2008
Albert C Albert Cook
Alida E Alida Engel
Andrea K Andrea Kaufman
Anita O Anita O'Connell
Anne M Anne Moss
Barbara S Barbara Sleszynski
Ben Silver Ben Silver
Ben S Ben Sallard
Beth G Beth Garner
Bill M Bill McAvinney
Bob LeRoy Bob LeRoy
Bob L Bob Lesnow
Bud P Bud Powell
C.T. B C.T. Butler
Candy M Candy Malina
Carolyn Falk Carolyn Falk
Chandelle H Chandelle Hesselgrave
Christina T Christina Tuccillo
Dan G Dan Gottesman
David W David McKay Wilson
Debbie S Debbie Steiner
Dena G Dena Gartenstein
Denise S Denise Strom
Diana C-B Diana H. Clegg-Brown
Diane J Diane Johnson
Dick M Dick McLeester
Doug B Doug Belling
Emmy R Emmy Rainwalker
Felix B Felix Bizaoui
Gary E Gary Einsidler
George M George Mifsud
Greta B Greta Brown
Holly H Holly Hamilton
Jim C Jim Cowles
Jimi 2 Jimi Two-Feathers
Joann L Joann Lutz
Jonathan S Jonathan Smith
Judy C Judy Cowan
Julie E Julie Egger
Kevin B Kevin Benjamin
Kevin G Kevin Glenn
Kevin O Kevin O'Connor
Lauren S Lauren Simons
Len H Len Huber
Leslie S Leslie Silver
Linda L Linda Lindgren
Lisa G Lisa Geiger
Lisa K Lisa Kennedy
Lynn J Lynn Jaffe
Margaret F Margaret Flinter
Maureen L Maureen Luz
Maya A Maya Apfelbaum
Mieke G Mieke Geffen
Michael-David G Michael-David Gordon
Michael H Michael Hayes
Mo-Ching Y Mo-Ching Yip
Myra R Myra Romain
Neely W Neely Weissman
Neil C Neil Cowan
Paul S Paul Spielman
Paul F Paul Freundlich
Peggy N Peggy Naylor
Peter R Peter Romani
Polly P Polly Paquette
Rachael E Rachael Eason
Rafael R Rafael Risemburg
Rebecca D Rebecca Dunn
Robbie L Robbie Lehman
Robin W Robin Williams
Samantha A Samantha Armer
Sandy K Sandy Kissel
Scott G Scott Giason
Steve B Steve Berlin
Steve R Steve Robins
Tom J Tom Jarvis
Wes B Wes Brown

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Dance New England Home
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